Open Contest of ICPC 2023 Yokohama Regional

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The problem set in Yokohama regional 2023 is now available in Gym. Please enjoy.

The ICPC 2023 Yokohama regional contest is scheduled to take place on November 26 from 09:30 to 14:30 (JST, UTC+9).

An online open contest is also planned on Aizu Online Judge, with delay of 30 minutes. I will update this post with the exact timing once it is confirmed, but for reliable information, please refer to the official site.

I hope you thoroughly enjoy the contest!

(Disclaimer: I am not responsible for organizing the open contest. In the event of any issues, there may be a postponement of the contest.)

Update: Open contest page is now available. It will start with 30 minutes delay.

Update2: The problem set is available in Codeforces Gym.


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