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Where can I find the problems of NEERC Western/Moscow Subregional contest for the last two years?

Revision en6, by lucyanna2018, 2023-12-27 04:09:04

The problems of the Western and Moscow Subregional Contest before 2021 (included) can be found in the Yandex Contest System. But I can't find the problems of 2022 and 2023. I can only find problems of Northern/Southern subregional contest 2022/2023 in CF gym.

Edit: Western 2022/2023 use the same problem set as Northern Subregional Contest 2022/2023. What about Moscow subregional Contest 2022/2023?

Edit2: Moscow Subregional Contest 2022 can be found at

Edit3: Where can I find Moscow subregional Contest 2023?


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