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I understand that you are unhappy with my rounds. And I can try to understand what the precedent is.

You think the problems are math. Understand, I don’t like mathematics, but I can solve the problems that are offered to me. There may be other reasons, we have testers for this and they give us all the necessary advice.

About the last round. I apologize to everyone for what happened. We decided to change problem A at the very last moment so that everyone could pass it. Initially, we had a tested problem, but it was more difficult than task A. Problem G was my authorship and there was an error in the author’s solution. I made the weight restrictions greater than int and did not change the data type in one place. This influenced the answer. We asked problem H from other authors and, unfortunately, it turned out to be known. We removed two G problems because they were famous (one was removed because it was in the 1986 Olympiad), but we did not notice this.

I apologize to the entire community for this incident. You don't deserve this and we put a lot of effort into making this round happen. Now this is all history. Happy New Year everyone and I wish you all the best!


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