Desperate need of help and motivation

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I hope everyone reading this is doing good and may god bless you.


Recently in Codeforces round 928(Div. 4), I struggled a lot. In fact, it was my worst ever contest. Moreover, it was also the first round of selection for IOI in my country. somehow miraculously, I am through to the 2nd round and that with 22nd position as well. But after this contest, I was utterly disappointed on myself. How could I NOT solve at least 5 problems from a div 4 contest! It was because of problem C. I thought of finding a way to express a number as sum of some arithmetic progressions but wasted a lot of time on it. Moreover, this contest was onsite as well so I panicked a lot. I have been as high as 7th in the country. The panic struck me hard, I was unable to think of anything. I thought of O(n) but because of time limit I was afraid to implement it. After the contest, I came to know that it was a very easy DP problem.

How I Practice:

With all above being said, I would first like to tell my practice schedule and how am I preparing for national olympiad. I made codeforces account on 1st January and I have solved 230+ problems since then. I want to make IOI for my country so hard that I spend entire days at Codeforces except some gaming hours. (Gaming is a big distraction which is poured like cancer into my body. I'm trying my best to get out of it.) Another big problem is AI distraction. My practice strategy is as follows: 1. From Problemset, I am currently solving 1500 problems. 2. Upsolving past contests which I've not seen.

What HELP do I need?

In the moments of utter disappointment, I ask you guys for help and motivation. I need help in setting up my schedule in a way that I can practice as well as learn. I am a quick learner by the way. I've at least 2 month, I believe,for final selection of IOI. (Max rank in my country is Candidate Master.) Not only that, I also need some motivation. I am in a moment where I will cry anytime. Even while writing this, I'm kind of crying from inside. so please! Think of me as a little brother and please help me. I'll never forget your kindness.


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