Why doesn't CF take care of participants from all over the world?

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For example, in most Asian countries, most of the contest time starts at 22:35 in the evening, which does not end until 0:50 in the morning, which is very challenging for participants who have to go to work and school the next day, which will affect the work and study of the next day, and at the same time, because the contest time is too late in the brain biology and affects the performance, it is not fair to the participants in these time zones.

Either you can extend the time frame of the contest to more than 1 day like USACO, and the start time can be set by yourself, or let the participants choose several start times freely, or if not, you can also distribute the same div level contest in a month to different start times as evenly as possible.

In addition, for those who are going to school and working, we also hope that CF will schedule more contest on Saturdays or Sundays.

Of course, increasing the start time of a contest may increase cheating, but this is another matter, and CF needs to detect cheating, combat cheating, and improve the fairness and global friendliness of the contest.

CF is a very good platform to compete, and I hope CF will get better and better.

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