IOPC 2017

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Techkriti 2017 and samsung research India brings forward International Online Programing Contest (IOPC) with a chance to grab your pile from INR 1,20,000. This is a rated contest of 3 hrs and will start at 15:00 IST on the 21st of April,2017. There is a little under 12 hours left till the contest starts.
The contest is hosted on codechef.

Contest page :

Note that the contest is an individual rated contest on Codechef.

The problem setters are utkarshl, kaushal02 and dwivedi with triveni and Dopahkiin as testers.

The prize distribution is as follows:
1.The international first,second and third get 20%,17% and 13% of total money respectively.
2.The 4th and 5th positions (international) get 10% & 8% respectively. positions 6-10 get 1.6% each.
3.The first, second and third in India get 10,8 and 6 percentage of total
4. In case if someone is eligible for more than 1 prize, he gets the larger one only.

Hoping for a huge response from everyone. May the Force be with you!

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