Codeforces Round #507 (based on Olympiad of Metropolises)

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Hi everybody!

These days Moscow is conducting the 3rd International Olympiad of Metropolises that is an international competition for high school students from biggest cities and capitals all around the world. One of the disciplines of the competition is informatics. Rounds of the competition were prepared by the jury members invited from St. Petersburg, Minsk, Belgrade and Moscow olympiad scientific committee which you may know by Moscow team Olympiad, Open Olympiad in Informatics and Moscow Olympiad for young students (rounds 327, 342, 345, 376, 401, 433, 441, 466, 469).

Scientific Committee of the olympiad consists of: darnley, Endagorion, Jelena Hadži-Purić, Elena Andreeva, Zlobober, GlebsHP. The problems were developed by kraskevich, ch_egor, cdkrot, Schemtschik, GoToCoding, malcolm, akvasha, darnley, wrg0ababd, achulkov2, vintage_Vlad_Makeev under the guidance of GlebsHP and Zlobober.

Problems were adapted for codeforces by KAN and cdkrot, also thanks for MikeMirzayanov for systems codeforces and polygon, which was used to prepare problems of this olympiad. Also, thanks LHiC and V--o_o--V for testing!

Good luck and high ratings for everybody!

Round will happen on Sep/05/2018 19:35 (Moscow time) and will last for two hours. There will be 5 problems for each division.

P.S. We kindly ask everybody who knows problems of an onsite event not to participate in a round and not to discuss them in public, as this may be a subject for disqualification.

Upd: Editorial was published here!

Aaaand congratulations to winners!


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