New online judge: Library-Checker!

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Hello, codeforces!

Today, I introduce yet another online judge, Library-Checker!

As the name suggests, the object of this site is checking your libraries. The problems are "Implement RMQ", "Enumerate Primes", "Exp of Formal Power Series", "Decompose a graph into three-connected components"... and so on.

All problems are managed by me. In other words, I'm the admin of this site.

Anything of problems (testcases, solutions, generator, ...) are managed in github. It means,

  • Anyone can add problems add testcases. Already most of the problems are prepared by other competitive programmers.
  • Testcases are stronger and stronger with time (ideally).

Let's enjoy your library maintenace!

(For competitive programmers who can do "real" programming: Have you ever think that "I want to test my library in CI..."? This judge will achieve your hope! Please refer verification-helper)


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