Croatian Open Competition in Informatics (COCI) 2020/2021 — Round #1

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Hi everyone!

The 15th season of COCI is starting soon! If you are not familiar with COCI contest format, we encourage you to read the announcement. The biggest news this season is the new judging system and full feedback! You can access the judging system here. There you can also find problems from the previous seasons.

The first round will be held this Saturday, October 17th at 14:00 UTC. The round was prepared by Gabrijel, mkisic, pavkal5, satja, stjepanp, dpaleka and me.

Feel free to discuss the problems in the comment section after the contest ends.

Hope to see you on Saturday!

(We are aware that the round overlaps with Codeforces Raif Round 1, but the time sadly cannot be changed. Sorry about that.)

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