Custom theme designs for codeforces?

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Recently, has a new background that you can see right now: a christmas themed background with snowflakes, adding more feelings of a holiday spirit onto codeforces. Seeing this, I had a random idea. What if we made this a monthly thing?

I'm sure that the white theme would be quite boring to look at after a while. Maybe, we could have some art on the background to look at while solving problems, to get more motivated? Or maybe we could have a dark mode themed codeforces, as many coders like to use dark mode for coding? Every month, art submissions could be submitted to codeforces, and there could be a system like the current contest proposal system but for artistic backgrounds. Just like the contest making system, we could add a cash reward for good artists who create an amazing art background for codeforces.

I think this would be a great idea, what do you guys think?

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