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I'd like to bring into notice the pollution of contest announcements (which I've, as may have others, happened to come across a lot recently). Some examples from the recent CF Round 641 Announcement:


There's a lot more I could add for examples but I'll keep it confined to the most recent round. Seriously, is talking about Corona a valid thing to do on a CP oriented website? Get Reddit or Twitter or some other crap. Seriously, is discussing all the politics of Corona a valid thing to do on a CP contest announcement? Really, is COVID-19 what y'all think about while programming? Really, are you just looking for a change in contest timings because it affects you and not most others? Well, okay, this time the contest timings are slightly different than usual CF Rounds but it doesn't justify the question. Seriously, "stupid muslims"? Religions brought into CP? What the actual fuck is this? All this irrelevant crap under a contest announcement? I mean it's okay if you do it on a relevant blog but really, contest announcements? "Contest Announcements"?

$$$C-O-N-T-E-S-T-A-N-N-O-U-N-C-E-M-E-N-T-S?$$$ Hear it yet?

Please people, take a step back and realise that this is not what contest announcements are to be used for. I'd, and probably most of the community, prefer to use them to discuss problems after the contest, to make new bondings with people they help or take help from. All this is simply a lot of noise to scroll through, and irrelevant already. Okay, yes, even I discussed in a sub-thread about DOTA-2 and gaming, which is irrelevant to the contest announcement. BUT, that's what's made me realise how stupid I was today (and maybe have been in the past in some blogs) and drove me to write this blog.

Feel free to share your views upon this matter and any other matter that tends to irk you off.

The simplest solution to this would be if people realise the irrelevant-ness themselves and refrain from commenting/creating irrelevant subthreads. But no, it's always going to continue happening. So, if it's not too much to ask, will there be a possibility/feature of dividing comments on the basis of pre-contest/post-contest? Or some script that could be developed by an experienced programmer doing the same?

It's a sincere request from a literal nobody: Please, please, please, consider not starting/posting in irrelevant discussions of contests. It's just pure noise. Mistakes happen, it's only human, but please be sensible, you and me, both. Thank you for reading!

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