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I've developed a browser extension that tracks the total time you spend on a problem and updates a Google Sheet or local storage with details such as Problem Name, Rating, Tags, Time Taken, Link to Submission, and Remarks.

This extension places a timer at the top of the problem page, which starts when the user first clicks on the problem. A popup is displayed when a solution is accepted, allowing the user to add a remark.


  1. Download: Visit the GitHub Link and download the ZIP file.
  2. Extract: Unzip the file to a permanent location on your computer.
  3. Extensions Page: Open chrome://extensions/ for Chrome or Settings and more (…) > Extensions for Edge.
  4. Developer Mode: Enable “Developer mode” at the top right.
  5. Load Extension: Click “Load unpacked” and select the extracted folder.

After loading, you can use the extension without attaching a Google Sheet. The extension also allows you to download the data in CSV or JSON format.

To attach a Google Sheet: 1. Create a new Google Sheet. 2. Add codeforcesprogresstracker@gmail.com as an editor. 3. Extract the Spreadsheet ID from the URL (it's the string of characters that comes after the “/d/” and before the “/edit”).

Happy Programming!

Edit: Extension is now available on Microsoft edge: https://microsoftedge.microsoft.com/addons/detail/paphdbhfcbgccimgfejfndjibabngjbh

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