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By NaimSS, history, 10 months ago, In English

Yesterday was the UNICAMP Selection Contest and it is now available to everyone! Statements are available in Portuguese and English and editorial is available in Portuguese.

I would like to thank the organization team from UNICAMP Fábio Usberti (bituser) and Tiago Domingos (tdas), our testers Dranoel321, emaneru, Leonardo_Paes, LoboLobo, Luca, MvKaio, nathan_luiz and perchuts, and LoboLobo for coming with the idea for problem H — "Team Division".

Congratulations for our top 3 winners:

  1. defnotmee

  2. enzopsm

  3. luiz_oda

The contest was done in memorial of Technoblade, legendary Minecraft Youtuber, so he will appear in a lot of the problems. I hope you enjoy, and remember, TechnobladeNeverDies!


Link to the contest: UNICAMP Selection Contest 2023.

Editorial is available in the Contest material.

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By NaimSS, history, 11 months ago, In English

Last week we had a local Contest available here (statements only in portuguese), and I was surprised when the easiest problem was getting a lot of Wrong Answers on test 1. All of them seemed correct, gave the correct output locally and were using GNU C11. For some reason, re-submitting the same code in GNU C++ gave AC. Why?

Problem Statement

Given the formula of gravitational attraction $$$F = \frac{G\cdot M_1 \cdot M_ 2}{d^2}$$$, find the value of $$$G$$$ given the mass of the 2 objects, the force and their positions on space (which is only a line).

The code

WA on 1


After seeing this, I made an announcement for people to submit their problem using GNU C++ and a ton of AC came in... as a setter I was frustrated by such a bug and want to know why that happened :(

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