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By PagalavanPagal66, 3 months ago, In English

After getting negative contribution to my pervious blog (Asking about will I go to specialist by 2023), I have raged up my problem solving limits and become Blue now...!

Topic to cover mostly :

1) Maths — Combinatorics, Modular arithmetics, Prime properties

2) Prefix & Suffix optimizations

3) Basic DP , Recursion , Graph , Tree implementations

4) Implementation skills — You have to ready to convert your thought process into code easily

5) STL usage is very important

6) Binary search

7) Bit manipulations

Tips :

1) Don't try the topics you have learned in recent days into all the problems

2) Think of the solution without thinking any algorithms — just use that algorithms if you need optimization or it is basic need in your approach

3) Spend quality of time in each and every problem you solve — I have spent a whole day for a 1700 problem in my practice session before ICPC regionals

4) Enhance your debugging skills

5) Don't give up and keep trying — a single push can lift you beyond your imaginary level — For me that push is ICPC regionals

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By PagalavanPagal66, history, 5 months ago, In English

I started this year (2023) with 954 Rating -> Now it is 1301.

How can I reach Specialist in this year ?

Is this possible to do so?

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