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Hello Codeforces Community,

I am AmirReza PourAkhavan,

  • Over 8 years of teaching experience, including teaching at the Iran Team Selection Camp for IOI.
  • Contest coordinator at LeetCode and formerly, Codeforces.
  • ICPC World Finalist (twice) and took a high-honored place, 24.
  • Solved over 5000 problems on various platforms.

Along with my dedicated team, I am thrilled to introduce our new project focused on developing the next generation of competitive programmers. Having competed in and coached teams for the Iranian and International Olympiads in Informatics, we have experienced firsthand the significant impact of competitive programming. It is with great enthusiasm that we are launching an affordable, high-quality training program to prepare ambitious individuals for the challenges and opportunities of IOI and other competitive programming contests, like ICPC.

For more information about the academy and to view my resume as well as those of other instructors, please visit our website.

Why choose us?

We explained some reasons on our website. But here is the main reason: we have designed an organized method for your training and development.

Unlike the other programs, for every student who enters Algoritmi Academy, there are three roles involved to help them grow. The first role is the instructor who teaches you the topics and solves the problem in the class meetings. However, there is a coach who has a long-term view of your path and always monitors the path you are on. If your progress is slow, they will talk to you and give you the necessary hints. Last but not least the last role is the leader who supervises the good performance and quality of the instructor and coach and is in constant contact with you so that if you have a problem with the current instructor or coach, they will immediately appoint another person for you so that you can improve in the best way.


What is the pricing?
What programs do you offer?
How should I register?
Is there any financial aid?
Do you have any public benefit activities?

We wish you the best and are looking forward to seeing you.

UPD. We introduced group classes.

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Thank you for your teaching. It helped us a lot.

I highly recommend Algoritmi Academy to everyone who needs mentoring.

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I think that such projects would be a valuable addition to CP, goodluck.

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It's an excellent opportunity, especially in our region where finding coaches isn't easy. Last year, Arpa organized a camp for the Syrian national team in preparation for IOI. The experience was incredibly valuable and enriching for our students. I recommend it to anyone interested. Good luck

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    You're most welcome. Thank you, Ghaffar! I liked the moments I had in the class with you.

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Greeting to all members of the Codeforces,

I would like to take this blog as a golden opportunity to share my experience from the wonderful years that I had training as a competitive programmer.

I had a full academic year of classes with Arpa focusing on data-structures, implementations and general problem solving strategies.

Within my classes with him, we spent time on solving a variety of challenging problems using different kinds of algorithms and data-structures such as Segment-Tree, Fenwick-Tree, SQRT Decomposition, Trie, etc.

Speaking about Arpa himself, I haven't seen any human in the world as hard-working as him (or anyone even close to him) in my life (Waking up at 4:00 am for a virtual contest, solving problems every day, teaching all the time, etc). He is extremely determined and highly experienced in teaching and always strives to help students to improve and make them better than what they are at the current stage. To me he is not just a teacher but a great mentor.

I would like to thank Arpa for his great work and highly encourage you all to experience classes with him. Trust me, you won't regret it.