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Codeforces is on the web since many years and thousands of blogs have been accumulated, most of which go unread/unnoticed. I think it would be a great idea if they can be organized so that people can have a look at some of those but it would be very difficult to get it done manually. Why don't we use some LLM/ML algorithms to go through all the blogs and recommend them to users.This way previously written high quality blogs might not go unnoticed, or use all the text written in the blogs for training to create a chatbot that can teach topics in a customized way to users.

If you like the idea do tell me, I would be willing to work on it.

Share your thoughts and ideas on how AI features can be integrated to enhance our Codeforces experience as well.

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I don't expect CodeForces to implement such features in next 1e9 years.

Until then, we need to use google searches like How to use segment trees site:codeforces.com