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Hi everyone , I am writing this blog to let you know that you must solve this problem 1930F - Максимизируйте разницу. This is a Div2 F problem so not many people have solved this problem but I want you to know that pre requisites are minimal which is that you should know bit manipulation and that's it. However I feel that if you have ever studied TRIES and done that famous problem where you have to find max XOR of a number with a given array , then you will find this problem even more beautiful because its kind of finding the max AND. I will say that again whoever is reading this blog must solve this problem as long as you know you basic bit manipulation. BTW if you don't understand the editorial which is actually fairly simple to understand you can go to Youtube and search think cell round 1 where Mikhail Ivanov has provided the video editorial for this problem in his screencast of the contest.

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