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By aanya.g05, 4 weeks ago, In English

I am a new user and was unaware that having more than one Codeforces account is not acceptable. Initially, I created an account with my college ID. Later, I was informed that this account would remain valid only for the duration of my degree, so I created another account with my personal email ID.

During Codeforces Round 953 (Div. 2), I was accidentally logged into my college ID and submitted my solutions. Realizing the mistake, I resubmitted the solutions using my personal ID, aanya.g64. This was a naive mistake on my part, and I assure you it will not happen again.

I am currently enrolled in a course that grades based on Codeforces ratings for the summer, and I have submitted the ID aanya.g64 for this purpose. I kindly request you to review my case and, if possible, return the ratings for aanya.g64.

MikeMirzayanov Please look into this.

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