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By butterflies, 4 weeks ago, In English

Hi all,

I’m wondering if people have spreadsheets that store some insights from competitive programming problems they solved (e.g. Codeforces, Atcoder). I would like these spreadsheets since I can use the insights from them to help build Starlight Problem Solving (, which allows people to see key insights for various competitive programming/math problems that can be applied in the future and see similar problems based on insights they want more practice on.

If so, please create an account on and you can submit the spreadsheets at this form (tell us your username on our website):

Let me know if there is another way to get more insights to build this up. Leave them in the comments below.

POLL: Do you have a spreadsheet storing key insights from problems you solved? Are you willing to send it?

  • Yes I have a spreadsheet and am willing to send it
  • I have a spreadsheet but am not willing to send it
  • I don’t have a spreadsheet
  • I think there is a better way than these spreadsheets. (Leave it in the comments!)
  • Vote: I like it
  • +10
  • Vote: I do not like it

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Bumping for more visibility. If you want to submit a spreadsheet, please do so here: