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I want to discuss about a possible modification to how showing tags for problems is handled.

Right now, if you haven't solved a problem yet, you can save yourself from the spoiler tags by making changes to your Settings.

What I want to suggest is — Why not make an option to disable tags for previously solved problems as well? Many a time, I tend to forget that I have done a particular problem in the past and enjoy looking at it from a fresh perspective but now that I have already got it accepted way back in the past, the spoiler tags show up and ruin my fun.

I'm not sure if I'm the only one finding this to be an issue which is why I ask you, the community, your opinion.

EDIT: BTW, I am totally fine with the submission history shown on the right hand side for a problem. That is enough in my opinion and there is no need to show problem tags as well.

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I think 'show tags' button would be great — user can click it if he wants.