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Hello, Codeforces!

On September 17 we held the University of São Paulo's Try-outs competition to select the teams that will represent the university in the Brazilian Regionals. On 1 October, 14:00 (UTC-3, São Paulo time) we will have a mirror competition in Codeforces Gym. This competition will be available afterward.

The link for the competition

Competitors should follow ICPC Rules (i.e., 1 computer, teams of 3, etc...). We hope problems are challenging and interesting.

The authors of the contest are: Enrique byakko Junchaya, Giovanna kobus Kobus, Jiang kokosha Zhi, Lucas lucas3h Harada, Pedro pedroteosousa Souza, Renzo renzo1805 Gomez, Victor VLamarca Lamarca, and myself.

We would like to thank the testers for their time and valuable feedback:

Bernardo bernardo_amorim Amorin, Bruno brunomont Monteiro, and Emanuel emaneru Silva;

Bryan BryanValeriano Valeriano, Victor guidobsky Guidi, and Jonatas jonatas57 Souza.

We will (hopefully) have an editorial with comments about the problems.

Some past editions of this competition are available at Codeforces Gym, the most recent are : 2021, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015.

UPDATE: Editorial was added.

Hope you guys enjoyed the problems.

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