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Problem A - Number Theory
Problem B - Maximise Mex
Problem C - Thala For A Reason
Problem D - Sort me please *uwu*
Problem E - Prime Queries
Problem F - Trie Me
Problem G - Minimum Sum Node
Problem H - Negative Phobia

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By sojabhai, 2 months ago, In English

Hello Codeforces!

After the great success of AlgoBee I, we are excited to invite you all to 0xPPL AlgoBee II the flagship event of NlogN The Competitive Programming Club of Scaler School Of Technology , Co-Sponsored by 0xPPL and AlgoZenith.

Participation is open to all, but the prizes are only for people who have registered on Unstop. We encourage everyone to participate in these contests. All of these contests are unrated and will be held as CodeForces gym contest.

0xPPL AlgoBee II

Get ready to put your coding skills to the test in the 0xPPL AlgoBee II — a three-hour extravaganza Co-Sponsored by 0xPPL and AlgoZenith packed with stimulating problems and exciting prizes.

General Instructions:

  • Teams of sizes up to 3 members are allowed.
  • Each participant is allowed to use their laptop.
  • Participants will be required to submit their code on Codeforces and will receive a verdict accordingly. Ranking will be done based on the number of solves and in case of a tie, a time penalty will be used as a tie-breaker. Detailed contest rules are available at Codeforces Contest Rules (except the Hacks section).


  • Date: 14th April 2024 EDIT : POSTPONED TO 14th DUE TO CF ROUND CLASH
  • Time: 8:00 pm — 11:00 pm
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Mode: Online
  • Platform: Codeforces
  • Registration Link — Unstop
  • Codeforces Invitation — 0xPPL AlgoBee II By NlogN


The Contest is Sponsored by 0xPPL and AlgoZenith

Exciting prizes worth 75k await the winners! Prizes include:

  • Beginner resources access at AlgoZenith for all participants
  • Merchandise for the top 15 teams
  • T-shirts, bottles, cash prizes, and more!


Congratulations to the winners :

  1. takeabyte (VS-Codes, om_mittal7 and twoplusthree)
  2. Windchime (IceKnight1093)
  3. OverShadow (Coder_Nayak , Krypto_Ray and sloppy_coder)
  4. Tier69420 (Vipin and 18o3)
  5. TLE Course eliminator (Pranav16 , aaryadeep21 and covert_insurgent)

First Solves :

Prizes : Google Doc Please Refer to The Prizes doc for steps to claim your prize before 21st April.

Editorial Is Out : Here

The NlogN Team’s decision shall be absolute and it holds the right to disqualify any team in case of breaching. Failure to follow any of these rules will lead to disqualification. In case of any discrepancy, the decision by the committee will be final.

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