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By tatar4onok, 2 months ago, In English

ACC 2024 is an exciting team competitive programming tournament for students in grades 7-12. Our Olympiad was created by the winners of national and international competitions in competititve programming.

We are convinced that ICPC should be accessible not only to students, but also to schoolchildren. Therefore, the goal of the Almaty Code Cup is to inspire young programmers, create a platform for developing their skills and support them in their pursuit of professional growth in the field of information technology.

The total prize fund is 1’000’000 tenge ($2,380)!

1st place — 400,000 tenge ($952)

2nd place — 250,000 tenge ($595)

3rd place — 175,000 tenge ($416)

4th place — 125,000 tenge ($297)

5th place — 50,000 tenge ($119).

Moreover, there’ll be even more presents for all finalists from our sponsors!

To participate, follow the registration link until June 1st and follow our Instagram account follow to our telegram chanel where we post important updates about the tournament -> Telegram

The selection round will be held on June 13 in an online format, and the final round will be held on July 20 at the PhysTech School in Almaty.

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