CodeSprint LA 2022 — Registration Deadline Extended!

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Dear Codeforces,

I am pleased to invite you to participate in CodeSprint LA 2022, UCLA ACM-ICPC's annual beginner-friendly algorithms contest, planned for Sunday, May 22, 2022, 10am — 5pm PDT!

The website is now live, click here for more details and registration. Or you can go straight to registration at The registration deadline has been extended to Wednesday, May 18, 2022, 11:59pm PDT!

This year we are planning (subject to change):

  • 2hr individual round and 3hr team round (3 members per team) with ICPC scoring
  • Beginner (around Div. 3-4 level) and Open (Div. 1-2 level) divisions
  • Total prize pool of $1850 USD sponsored by Jane Street Capital. Some of the prize pool is reserved for UCLA students.

Last year's contest had over 360 participants! Problems are available at,,, and

We have tried to make this year's Open Division problems again more challenging than last year's, as last year we got crushed again by a strong field of competitors. The Beginner Division problems should be similar in difficulty to last year.

This year's contest is directed by rishisankar. Thanks Rishi! Problems are written by rishisankar, MasterCraft, mphillotry, nikilrselvam, arihant72600, kamishogun, summertony717, rtjoa, others, and myself.

There will also be an optional beginner workshop before the contest, which is why the start time in the picture is 9am PDT. Unfortunately, in person attendance is limited to UCLA students.

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