I'm chromate00, here's my thought for the last 24 hours

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I decided to make them all in a "changelog". Here are how I will change from now on.

  • From now on, I do not care about useless numbers, the so-called "rating" and "contribution".
  • Last contest would be the last (and only) time I did cheat. I realized cheating is losing, to myself, to the cheaters, and to the rest.
  • Intentions for any post of mine will not be "Contribution" anymore. It will, instead, be "Personal Interest". This means I will post if I think it is needed. For reference I have 3 blogs planned for the upcoming 2 weeks.

Besides, I am curious of what questions you have to me. So, I decided to use this post as an ask-me-anything as well. So ask me anything.


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