Tourist Fan Montage

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As tourist's biggest fan, it was inevitable that I collected a substantial amount of tourist's pictures as the years went by. So now, I think I have enough of them and want to share them with the community.

Very Young Tourist

Young Tourist

Happy Tourist

Very Happy Tourist

Awkward Tourist

Anime Antagonist Tourist

Impostor Tourist(No fucking way that's him)

Teenager Tourist

Anime MC Tourist

Pool Master Tourist

Rich Tourist

Relaxed Tourist

Tourist looking up Tourist

Model Tourist

As you all know, I am very grateful for what tourist has inspired me to do and for what he has done to the community, inspiring not only me, but thousands of coders to go beyond what they previously thought they were capable of. So, lastly, my favorite version of tourist, and my way to show, as a member the Competitive Programming community, how important and grand this man is:

Thank you Tourist


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