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hello actually i have two codeforce account and the first one is Istiak_102248 and the second one is IstiakHasanNeazMahmud ..and previously i had searched that is it legal to have two codeforce account?? and i found that it is legal..So i have decided that i will do contest+problem solve from only Istiak_102248 account and i will do only contest from IstiakHasanNeazMahmud account ..and in this way i have done four contest but after that my account got warning message that i have copied code from my another account because i have submitted the same code in two account..So i came to know that codeforce think person of the two account is different so i stopped doing this but today my account(Istiak_102248) blocked for copying from IstiakHasanNeazMahmud(from this account i am posting this comment)..PLease give my account back and remove all the warning


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