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Recently, Codeforces removed older versions of some languages, such as Kotlin 1.6, Java 11, and Java 17, leading to the exclusion of submissions made in these languages.

If someone using Kotlin/Java solves an old problem, they can no longer view the accepted solutions in the removed version of that language in the status tab, as there is no option to select that specific version of Java/Kotlin. For more challenging problems, there were 5-10 submissions in each version, and now these submissions are no longer visible. It is humanly impossible to see the submission language of each participant in the standings and find people who solved the problem using that version of language.

e.g If someone is unable to solve any problem in kotlin he would be unable to see the accepted solutions in kotlin 1.6 and majority of the submissions were in this version itself.

Is there any way for me to view all Java 11/17 accepted submissions for a problem of a past contest?

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