AGM Programming Contest (invitation)

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Dear friends, I am honored to present you Adolescent Grigore Moisil International Programming Contest. AGM is addressed to high school students who can team up in teams up to 3 members, ICPC style. The contest has a qualification round on 8th February and an on-site round in Bucharest (Romania) on 28-29 March. The problems are set up fully by university students, medalists in national and international competitions (IOI,BOI,CEOI...). We are looking forward to international participants, especially those who want to participate in the final round in Bucharest. You can register here: until 6th February.

Finally, I am more than delighted to present you our technical and scientifical team: patrick.sava (the heart of the project), george_stelian , PlayLikeNeverB4 , geniucos , theodor.moroianu , average_frog_enjoyer , munteanuvlad98 , Alex18mai , teoionescu , bogdan10bos , carabet.cosmin , Stefan_Radu , Mihai22e , Mihneac , vreaudelftpls , eman98 , GinguIonut.

More details here:

Also, don't hesitate to contact us:


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