Memes related to CP

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The last post regarding the same on codeforces was quite some time back (and the one on codechef ended up trolling karangreat and being locked) and I think I need to revive it. Feel free to contribution farm post CP related memes down below (refrain from posting memes that doesn't involve cp; this is not r/ProgrammerHumor).

Some rules to be followed:

  • If you have multiple memes, post all of them under a single comment post them in a batch under one same comment.
  • If you wish to add more memes, create a new comment and post them. This is to prevent people from overlooking the new memes added.
  • Add spoilers to hide each meme, to not consume screen real estate.
  • Be friendly this is no place to troll karangreat.

Meme #1
Meme #2
Meme #3
Meme #4
Meme #5
Meme #6
Meme #7
Meme #8
Meme #9_1
Meme #9_2
Meme #10
Meme #11


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