Approximate CF rating of LeetCode hards

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So, I've been using LeetCode to do some topic-wise practice on DP.

In particular, I've been doing the questions tagged medium and hard.

However, while I can usually solve the mediums in a reasonable time frame, I struggle to make any progress at all on the hards. As a result, I've been wondering whether or not I should attempt them at all at this stage. My official rating is $$$896$$$, but I think I'm around $$$1200$$$ since I haven't completed $$$6$$$ contests yet. In terms of goals, I'm trying to get comfortable with DP questions at the range of Div 2C.

Thus, my question is two-fold

1) How would you estimate the CF rating of LeetCode hard problems?

2) Should I continue solving LeetCode hards or just look for DP problems in the range of rating $$$\pm\ 200$$$.


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