Plan to go from expert to master in 3 months

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A couple days ago a most dearest friend told me to participate in his cf round, this instantly reminded me about my embarrassing blog history where I made a plan to get to candidate master and bailed quickly after.

To right this wrong, I come before you today with a more ambitious plan, which is making master in 3 months.

If you have read up to this point, that means you are at least mildly interested in this grandiose journey, and so you probably have a few questions. Fear not, I have prepared a list of FAQ for your convenience.


  • Why?

Solving problems is pretty fun, however, having your name stained with a boring blue is not. This journey is aesthetically motivated.

  • How?

Last time my plan was not very simple and choosing the problems was time consuming, I think that contributed to its failure. Furthermore, I don't think master is an unreasonable goal (as in, I believe anyone can get it given enough practice). Therefore, in the interest of success I will just be solving problems rated >= 1900 in CF by order of solves.

  • When?

I actually started today, the first such problem is called 'Dijkstra?'. I don't know if I already knew this, the problem itself (finding a shortest path in a graph with positive weights) is not very difficult, but I realized I don't know much theory so I'll also be reading the handbook for learning theory or good implementations of things.

  • How? (Revisited)

Solve problems rated >= 1900 in CF by order of solves, as well as the Handbook ( ) to learn about more classical problems.

  • Frequency?

I'm sure about very few things in life, but I know for sure that writing blogs is boring and time consuming, and that I like attention. Striving for a balance between this two things, I will post updates approximately every month, this will allow me to use most of the time solving problems, and it also has the added bonus of letting me quietly disappear if things go sideways.

Having said all that, I salute everyone single one of you that read up to this point and is also pursuing more visually pleasing colors. I will see you in a month.


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