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By KhaledFarhat, 11 months ago, In English

We would like to invite you to participate in The 2023 Damascus University Collegiate Programming Contest that was held on 25th June in Damascus, Syria.

The problems were authored and prepared by Kaitokid, Obada_Saleh, Guess.Who, Eliaster, HeMoo, Borgov, EleCursity, Wael_Mchantaf, Salahiano, Tareq_Ali, Helal_Salloum, Edrisov, ETheHedgehog, and me.

Thanks to our testers: A.D., AboAbdoMC, LastDance_NotLastOfMe, Zaher, Naseem17, Mahmoud_Haddad, Space-Time-, Arturo, Magician_Mathematician1, roctes7, Mohammad.Nour, HazemDalati, BallzCrasher, Richtofen, KactusJack, Harraaak, Malek_, Hadi_Alhamed, 57rek, and A.L.S.A.

Special thanks to EleCursity who helped us coordinating the contest.

We would love to hear your feedback about the contest. Hope you enjoy solving the problems!

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