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Multiple contributions CF

Revision en1, by Dart-Xeyter, 2020-06-26 14:00:22

P.S. You may have already seen this text, I accidentally published it in the Russian part of Codeforces :)

Hello, Codeforces! I immediately want to apologize for my English, I use a translator and the result may be very stupid :)

So, we all know that Codeforces has a contribution system, if you write something useful (or good memes :), your contribution increases, and you can have more influence on the life of Codeforces (as far as I know, if your contribution is large enough, your vote counts for 2, or even 3).

But sometimes there are situations when a post is made by many people, but only one person can publish it, and because of this, the entire contribution goes to him.

An excellent example is the Education Rounds. As you know, all these rounds are made by the same team of people: awoo, Neon, BledDest, Roms, adedalic and of course vovuh :) But the announcements of rounds are always published by pikmike, and in the end we get that awoo has a contribution of +182, and Neon — 0.

I know that there is a "co-authors" button, and the people you listed there can edit your post and so on, but they still don't get the contributions from this post.

I suggest adding to the "co-authors" button the function of adding a contribution for these people too, or, for example, adding a separate line for listing people who also add a contribution for this post.

Of course, I understand that some people may write something bad and add people like MikeMirzayanov as co-authors, so it might be worth making this button available, starting with candidates like for editing tags for problems, etc.

In any case, you should think about this problem and, of course, if I made a mistake somewhere, correct me in the comments :)


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