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I am really sorry if this question is asked many times,but I am new and I have curiosity. First of all,I want to tell you that I searched much of time about that,before make the thread here,and the only one that I found was a formula,which counts the probability to take higher position of an other player.(Ea = 1/(1+10^Rb-Ra/400...something like that.)

My question is...I should calculate that for me and for all players in the competition?? Or there is an easier way to find my probably position of the contest??

Thank you very much !!!

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I think you can get more information about rating at http://mirror.codeforces.com/blog/entry/102.

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    Yea,I have seen this thread,and this is the formual I was talking about. But as I said above,I need to calculate that for all contestants of competition?? Because will be very painfull !!!