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I don't want this to get normalized

Revision en2, by pajenegod, 2023-08-01 20:51:40

I don't think blogs like this one should be normal on Codeforces.

I know that sometimes comments can be frustrating. Sometimes it is the commenters fault, and sometimes it is the community's fault for upvoting mean spirited comments. I understand that in some cases, the criticism the commenter receives is fair and well-deserved.

But there is a fine line between criticism, saying that you didn't like the comment, and hanging out a comment on the front page and letting everyone attack it. The former two are acceptable (and sometimes even needed, because commenter have to improve and learn from their mistakes); the latter one, in my opinion, should not be acceptable.

I think that blogs discussing toxicity on codeforces are a good thing, but singling out a comment made by some kid onto the front page of Codeforces is a very inconsiderable and irresponsible thing to do.


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